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Rising Above: How Does PeopleSuite Stand Out in the Crowded, Competitive Contingency Recruiting Arena?

The answer is simple. Our recruiters allow PeopleSuite to stand out in the crowd. What is it about our recruiters that sets us apart? We possess focused expertise and knowledge in a wide variety of [...]

Curling Like Olympic Champs! PeopleSuite Puts Team Building Skills to the Test While Learning to Curl

Admit it. We’ve all said it a time or two while watching the sport of curling during this winter’s Olympics. That looks so easy. I could do that. This week, the PeopleSuite staff got to [...]

Corporate Matchmaking: Client, Let Me Introduce You To Candidate

Trying to create the perfect match can be a challenging and complicated proposition. Much like personal dating, recruiting is a delicate balance of many variables. There is not a one-size-fits-all process.

We Love Our Clients! Local Charlotte Client Visits PeopleSuite Office with a Friday Surprise

Today the roles were switched at PeopleSuite. Our staff and recruiters are used to working the phones, reaching out to clients and candidates and sourcing. You know, the grind of the usual work day. This [...]

Listening & Adapting in Today’s Marketplace: Why Client’s Needs Matter Now More Than Ever

In today’s ever growing market of options for securing talent, a personal, boutique style executive search firm is becoming the first choice for many companies. Why more and more companies are turning to smaller, more personal search firms is due to a variety of reasons.

Congratulations Dylan Cochran on Second Half 2017 Placements