The PeopleSuite Team

After years of significant growth, PeopleSuite, has been awarded as #7 on the Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 for 2020. The company started in 2004 and has seen their revenue skyrocket in the past few years. PeopleSuite ranked number 7 on the Fast 50 list, with a revenue growth rate of 475% in a three-year period.   

What is the Fast 50?

The Fast 50 is a regional award given to local businesses that have impressive revenue growth over the past three years. Nominations are submitted by employees or customers. Winners are selected by CliftonLarsenAllen, who reviews the financial records of each nominee to determine the 50 fastest growing private companies in the Charlotte area. Companies are ranked by the average percent of annual growth over three years. Nominees must be an independent or privately-held corporation and must be based or headquartered in one of the 16 Charlotte-area counties. The winning companies span a variety of industries. Previous winners include Signup Genius and Glew

This awards program spotlights fast-growing companies in the area. It gives recognition and exposes the winning companies to a wider range of potential customers. Plus, the hyper-local connections are key for budding businesses. 

About PeopleSuite

PeopleSuite is a Mooresville, NC-based company that aims to combine the art and science of human relationships to inform talent recruiting. Their team works to fill every-changing needs of a thriving business. By asking the right questions, PeopleSuite find team members for your company that are a perfect fit. Using a proactive and strategic effort, they find candidates that contribute to the long-term success of your company

In addition to the 18 years of service PeopleSuite has offered, their team has decades of experience as senior executives. They have become experts on company culture, talent needs, and the soft candidate characteristics that define a successful individual in your organization. While laser-focused on speed, delivery, and detailed requirements, their team of seasoned professionals also keeps a thoughtful eye on your individual story and culture for each client. Their fees are not expected, they’re earned. PeopleSuite only invoices clients when they’ve hit agreed upon milestones. 

Not only does PeopleSuite work to find qualified candidates, they analyze hiring mistakes and offer HR services to fill in the gaps left by other recruiters. This award-winning company places talent in a variety of industries from manufacturing to life sciences. 

PeopleSuite is well-equipped to help you strategically attract the right talent in today’s ever-changing job market. Their team offers retained, contingency, contract and assessment services to clients across the country. Connect with PeopleSuite today to find out how our team can successfully support your business needs.