Profile: Global defense manufacturer

Role: Control Systems Engineering Manager

Challenge: This was a senior role requiring a rare combination of technical expertise, management skills and experience developing and implementing controls systems on a large scale. In addition, the location was rural Virginia. The role was open for over two years and the client had worked with two different agencies as well as a sizeable internal recruiting team before they essentially gave up. They finally hired PeopleSuite, and we accepted the challenge head-on.

Strategy: PeopleSuite knew the right candidate wasn’t in transition. They were already succeeding for another company. And so we dug into the industry. Who were the top performers? Who were the thought leaders? Sometimes those are obvious, other times not so much. LinkedIn is our first visit. Then we make a phone call–and the initial tone and approach of that phone conversation is critical. If you go into it like a transaction, the candidate feels that. If you approach them with kindness, candor and meaning, they feel that too. PeopleSuite understands that career is often synonymous with livelihood.

Result: A difficult, specialized search that required really digging into the industry competitors to find the ideal candidate.  The strategy paid off with an exceptional hire within the target compensation range. Ultimately, the candidate was pulled from a direct competitor and required relocation to avoid a non-compete agreement conflict.

Time to Fill: 85 days

“Dylan and the PeopleSuite team are true partners in supporting our ever-changing business needs.  The team is always willing to take on a new challenge no matter the urgency. The consistency and partnership is outstanding.”  — Director HR, Global Defense Manufacturer

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