Profile: Natural and organic meat company

Role: VP of Marketing

Challenge: This company needed VP with a “big company” classic consumer package goods (CPG) foundation along with emerging, relevant natural/organic industry success. The right candidate would also be a “keeper of the culture” since the role is pivotal in leading, communicating, modeling and reinforcing the client’s unique culture to consumers as well as fellow employees. In short, they needed someone who would truly embrace not just the role, but the brand.

Strategy: Our consumer products expert (also PeopleSuite managing partner) toured the client facility to get a thorough understanding of the client and the culture. How did it look? How did it feel? How was the culture defined? We then composed a detailed position profile and proactively reached out to CPG/Natural/Organic candidates from our network. But we also conducted fresh research, led by our sourcing team. The key “must have” would be individuals with all right credibility–but who also possessed a true passion for natural and organic foods. Someone who was living the culture already.

Result: Reaching out proactively to 120+ people, we successfully recruited our final candidate from one of the leading organic food companies in the world. She had a tremendous impact on our client’s growth and image in the marketplace. The VP of HR could not be happier with the candidate we placed and came back to us for a VP of Supply Chain search as well.

Time to Fill: First slate of candidates presented to client in two weeks with weekly updates and HR follow up.  After multiple client interviews, position filled in 67 days.

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