Profile: Major coffee company with national retail and wholesale distribution.

Role: Accounts Receivable Manager

Challenge: Client had gone through 12 candidates when PeopleSuite was put on the job. We then presented six. Four went face to face. All failed. Every candidate who made it to an interview was both a cultural fit and a skills fit, but didn’t “click” with the CFO and the Controller.

Strategy: We didn’t quit. We got curious. With limited access to the CFO and Controller, we asked HR what “clicking” really meant. We changed our screening process with candidates and incorporate different questions: How did they handle different types of personalities? How well could they follow non-verbal cues? What was their strategy for communicating with leadership? How do they approach teams that have been led incorrectly? How would they manage a team?

Result: By rethinking our screening strategy, we found the perfect candidate in the second wave of candidates based on our tweaked assessment strategy. The result was a placement.

Time to Fill: 65 days

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