The PeopleSuite Team

For recruiters, the client relationship is critical to the success of any engagement. Many components factor into what makes a professional affiliation successful and a win-win for both parties.

Many people often associate a talent professional with the Human Resources function. The reality is that the role is more closely aligned with sales. We first sell our clients on our ability to deliver. Then, we sell their story in the marketplace and finally sell the candidate story to the client.

Through this process, recruiters are helping individuals choose an opportunity that impacts their lives, and assisting companies in making decisions that affect their bottom line. None of this can be accomplished effectively without a trusting, transparent client relationship.

As a recruiter, the highest priority is the client relationship. The secret to successful business relationships is really no secret. It is essential to remember a few simple components of what goes into making a business relationship prosperous and rewarding for everyone involved.

The following are a few valuable ways to keep business relationships going strong.

Become the Expert

Treat your client as more than just a client. Learn about their business and industry. In-depth knowledge of their expertise will enable you to do your job better.

Whenever possible, meet face to face. This shows their importance to you as a client. It also provides you with a way to personally get to know them and stay updated on what is happening in their company.

And, get to know your client. He or she is much more than just an email address. Clients have a life outside of their job with family, friends, hobbies or children. Find common ground and build from that. One of the best compliments we receive from our clients is that the professional relationship becomes so comfortable that we are thought of as a trusted confidante and friend.

Build Trust

In every business relationship, trust wins out as the most important ingredient. It is necessary to maintain exemplary values and ethics. Successful business relationships can attest to trust being the cornerstone.

Within the recruiting industry, trust is paramount due to the confidentiality of most corporate executive searches. Transparency in all aspects of the client relationship is an exemplary way to conduct business. Clear communication with your client at every stage of the relationship helps secure trust and transparency.

Provide Results & Exceptional Communication

Leave something behind and have a positive impact. Not only is it important to find clients that perfect candidate to complement their team, but to add value as well.

Showcase value to your client. Provide an action plan of what your goals will include. Secure your value to the client not only in the outstanding service you provide but in the extra, added value aspects as well.

Don’t Compromise Your Core Values & Ethics

Clients can cycle in and out but it is important to maintain your personal and professional ethics. Situations can arise that might make you question the right course of action, but it is paramount to consistently maintain clear values and ethics with every one of your clients.

Be Patient

trusted business relationship takes time – and patience. Valuable lesson learned: You have to give before you get. And, typically the small, subtle actions are the ones that cement trust with a client – not the big, bold accomplishments.

The highest compliment that a client can bestow is when he or she provides a recommendation to a colleague or contact. You never truly know the breadth and scope of your clients’ contacts and network. A recommendation or referral is validation that you developed an outstanding business relationship.