Behavioral Assessments

Our behavioral assessment tools help you avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Using Behavioral Assessments To Make Better Hires

It’s human nature to hire a candidate whom you like. That’s why PeopleSuite offers a behavioral assessment as a final data point in the hiring process. Most search firms do their best to avoid assessments, precisely because it may kill the deal. But the wrong fit (even if it’s not discovered for months) is a disservice to our clients. Period.

Behavioral assessment keeps our own best practices evolving and our standards high.
Industry research indicates a bad hire with a salary of $100k will end up costing your business an estimated $30k. PeopleSuite’s behavioral assessment tools help businesses avoid these costly hiring mistakes and give you the confidence you need to make difficult hiring decisions.

Incorporating behavioral assessments into the search process is beneficial for both large-scale and small-scale businesses. The assessment tools we use are fully validated, and the assessment results are not impacted by a candidate’s background, education level, or other potentially restricting factors. Our assessment tools measure how a candidate applies their knowledge in a variety of scenarios that relate to a specific role within your company.

Which Assessment Tool Is Right For you?

Leveraging behavioral assessment tools is powerful when added to an intentional interview process and well defined job description. Taken together, a robust process can help determine if a candidate is the right fit for your organization. At PeopleSuite, we administer two different types of assessments depending on your specific business needs and the requirements of the position.

We encourage our client partners (HR and hiring managers) to take the assessment before administering to potential candidates so you will know exactly what the candidate will experience. We recommend considering three key factors when deciding between the behavioral assessment options:

Level of Detail, Performance Model Flexibility, and Cost


  • Assesses how a candidate takes in feedback, collaborates and leads others.
  • Most often used to make hiring decisions for clients in key roles or senior level positions.
  • Very robust report that provides a thorough understanding of candidate behavioral attributes.
  • Utilized by Fortune 500 companies and recognized as a best in class assessment tool.


  • Measures thinking style, behavioral traits and interests.
  • Compares your results to a list of ideal traits for this role.
  • Ability to flex the assessment based on job requirements and company culture.
  • Simple to understand, high level report that can be interpreted by hiring manager with recommended interview questions.


Our experienced team drives exceptional results on behalf of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can add value to your organization.

Case Study:
Overcoming A Personality Clash

Job Title Accounts Receivable Manager
Service Used Behavioral Assessment
Industry Food Supply
Company Profile National Retailer and Wholesaler
Days To Fill