A full suite of talent solutions designed from the client’s perspective


About Our Services

Our suite of services offers a robust platform that reaches beyond roles to take a closer look at your best practices around hiring. Is your process reaping the right results? Are reactionary hires stunting your evolution? How do you make hiring decisions? And when two people seem perfect, what tips the scale? At what point do you reexamine a role?

Contingency Direct Hire

PeopleSuite started as a retained search firm. As we expanded, we realized our retained search clients needed a higher level of service and talent for lower level positions. The solution? A contingency service from a retained perspective. We create a personalized, customized solution for each search, uncovering and identifying the key candidate attributes needed for the role. When our client’s success hinges on a hire, there are no small roles. This elegant structure sets us apart from other firms and make a significant difference in our success, commitment and quality of service.

Contract Placement

Across the next decade, a significant portion of the workforce will evolve toward project work. Companies often require an outside skill set to supplement their team for a significant project. They want to avoid the W2 hassle and need a talented, industry-leading individual who can adapt, contribute and excel with very little on-boarding.

We’re well positioned to provide the right resource at the right time.


We’re driven by a servant mentality. The client always comes first and assessment is one way we prove it. We know that hiring gets warm and fuzzy pretty fast. It’s human nature to hire a candidate who you like. That’s why PeopleSuite offers a behavioral assessment as a final data point in the decision-making process. Most search firms do their best to avoid assessments–precisely because it may kill the deal. But the wrong fit (even if it’s not discovered for months) is a disservice to our clients. Period. Behavioral assessment keeps our own best practices evolving and our standards high.

HR Services

In a crisis situation, hiring decisions can be reactive. Org structures tend to go years without evaluation. And canned job descriptions often operate in silos, without respect to the evolution of your team. Our five-hour workshop, facilitated by coaching, assessment and HR specialists seeks to understand and examine your business needs for today. They help you determine what’s working, what’s not and what needs have been overlooked. The result is stakeholder buy-in, organizational alignment, efficient structure, effective leadership and team success. We’re then poised to help you find the perfect candidate.

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