Our clients, two Fortune-500 Companies sought a highly seasoned and innovative chemical engineer. Our strategy required fully understanding the pitfalls of the industry, in order to discover qualified candidates for success. 

Job Title: Chemical Engineer

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Profile: A high-profile global manufacturer of technically advanced specialty materials, serving diverse markets and industries such as aerospace and defense.






A very specific and scientific role. Two Fortune 500 companies sought to leverage cutting-edge technology to develop a new process for manufacturing metals. They needed a seasoned and innovative chemical engineer who possessed deep knowledge of environmental health and safety and could take a new process from R&D to production.


No posting and no traditional networking. First, we dug deep. We talked to the hiring manager. We talked to HR. We understood the role. We got comfortable with the context. We found out why these types of engineers fail, why they succeed and what pitfalls are common. Before making phone calls, we did a competitive analysis, created a target list and practiced our pitch with our peers. While this particular industry is highly technical, understanding the humans behind the company is just as key to understanding what they do.


This very specialized engagement had been out to other recruiting firms for some time before PeopleSuite was asked to partner with them on the search. In 76 days the team had an offer and acceptance from an exceptional candidate that had the deep technical background required to add value in the role. Success required the team to understand the educational requirements and tailor the search for specific degrees. We had to take the time to understand the strategic goals of the client and the unique qualities of the proposed position. Our client now has an employee in place that has the technical capabilities to assist in developing a process that will revolutionize the metals industry.

“Working with Joe Grabuskie and the recruiters at PeopleSuite makes recruiting effortless for the HR professional. The responsiveness is by far the best we have experienced. Their ability to understand the type of candidate we are looking for has been top notch. They listen to the needs, communicate clearly, are transparent with candidates and follow-up appropriately. We can always trust that information is being shared accurately with candidates and managers. They have become our “go to” recruiting firm, especially with difficult-to-fill roles.”