Meet Debbie Flowers

Debbie joined PeopleSuite as a Client Success Manager following successful careers as a Motivational Speaker, Business Owner, Author, and a variety of leadership roles in the Education sector. With her vast background, Debbie has focused on the consumer goods, consumer healthcare products and the Cannabis Industries.

Debbie has been highly successful working with companies in the Cannabis Industry. She has built strategic leadership teams that create a competitive edge, profitability, and sustained growth. With a proven search approach, Debbie and her team continually set themselves apart by their fine-tuned ability to understand each client’s business needs. Additionally, they take time to understand the role, and culture fit required for each unique placement.

Debbie’s belief system centers around the very old core value of treating people as you would like to be treated. Her innate positive attitude, strong work ethic, and will to succeed have been the critical components to her overall successes throughout her experiences and careers.

As a former “Survivor” cast member, Debbie uses all of the valuable lessons learned through this unique experience. She is driven to not only exceed her client’s expectations, but to also create long-lasting and successful relationships.

Debbie lives in the Fairhope, Alabama area with her family. She enjoys spending time with family, three dogs, traveling, motivational speaking and is a Fitness Instructor.