Tom joined PeopleSuite as Chief Operating Officer in 2019 and became President in 2021. Tom is a transformational leader who combines vision, strategy, and flawless execution across all levels of the organization, with a strong record of delivering results and developing top talent.

Prior to joining PeopleSuite, Tom held Sales and P&L responsibilities for some of the nation’s best in class Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Companies in roles ranging from team leader to c-suite. He has been responsible for the development and re-engineering of programs representing $3 billion-plus in annual sales. His responsibilities have included procurement, sales, brand and product development, package design, marketing, quality assurance, and supplier selection.

Tom previously spent 10 years of his career in the search industry where he conducted hundreds of search assignments. He served as President of SBB and Retail-iQ, both executive search firms devoted to clients within the retail sector.