6 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

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Are you on the job market? Here are 5 Linkedin Tips to help recruiters find your profile!

Did you know that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn? (That’s a lot of interviews attributed to LinkedIn!) It’s no secret that recruiters are using LinkedIn as a go-to tool to help them find top talent. But the question is why? 

LinkedIn gives recruiters an instant snapshot of a potential candidate’s professional profile all in one place. The platform makes finding a person’s work history, experience, portfolio, and connections easy. So, if you are ready to up-level your LinkedIn profile and stand out in the job market, this list is for you. Here are the top five LinkedIn profile essentials you need to have if you are starting the job hunt going into 2021.

6 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile as a Job Seeker

  1. Select a Great LinkedIn Headshot

Did you know that profiles with a professional headshot get 14x more views than profiles that don’t? Your headshot photo matters, so be sure to get a well lit professional photo taken to showcase who you are. 

Bonus tip: You can get headshot inspiration by reviewing other LinkedIn profiles of individuals that are in your same industry. Be sure to take notes about their headshot. What are they wearing? Is there anything in the background? Are they smiling?

  1. Make Your LinkedIn Title Stand Out

Your most current title always goes first on a LinkedIn profile, but then consider adding a few more. What do you actually do at your job? What do you specialize in? What distinguishes you from your peers? Are you good at building consensus? Or are you a master listener?  Are you more of a detail gal or do you focus on the big picture? Other ideas might be: Email Marketing Expert. Technology Guru. Dedicated Mentor. Peaceful Disruptor. A few good titles will leverage search engine optimization and allow the reader to understand your skill set at a glance.

  1. Write a Well-Written Professional Summary

Aside from your titles, this is the most critical part of your LinkedIn profile. A profile summary must include three essentials: a finely-tuned pitchprofessional credibility, and a personal touch. Let’s dive into these three essentials.

  • A finely-tuned pitch includes a short statement about your philosophy or belief in your work, clear number of years experience in your field and a summary of your experience. 
  • Professional credit includes a brief list of companies or clients, two to three of your proudest career accomplishments and ideally, a couple metrics. 
  • A personal touch on a LinkedIn profile includes specific passions you may have outside work like sports, collections, hobbies, continuing education and non-profit support. It’s a great way to connect at a human level with a potential employer. 
  1. Have At Least 100 Connections

Like it or not, your network matters. Remember that companies are seeking thought leaders who are active in their community and industry. Whenever you meet someone new, make it a habit to connect on LinkedIn. And don’t forget about all the people you’ve met in the past. You’ll be surprised how quickly they add up.

  1. Provide Clear Contact Information

Providing clear contact information is simple but so significant. Don’t make it hard for recruiters to reach out to you. If you’re in job-seeker mode, be sure to post your resume in your uploads and include your phone number, email address and website to your LinkedIn Contact Info section.

  1. Follow Thought-Leaders and Companies

Follow people, thought-leaders, or companies you want to work for. It’s just a simple click of a button, but it accomplishes three things: 

  • It helps keep you abreast of your favorite company’s relevant news items, which is great for the interview;
  • It sends you job notifications based on your profile;
  • It becomes part of your public feed, so it demonstrates your interest and activity to a potential employer.

Action Item: Who are the thought-leaders in your industry? What companies would you like to work for? Who do you admire in your field? Follow at least 5 people or companies in your industry today! 

What’s Next in Your Job Search?

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is just a start to your job hunt. Be sure to network with individuals in your field, update your resume, and continue to learn about your industry to make the most of your job search! Are you looking for a job? Check out our online job board for new openings. 

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