The Benefits of Partnering with a Search Firm that Offers a Full “Suite” of Recruiting and Assessment Services

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Opting to partner with an executive search firm that has a full suite of services can make efficient progress for your business. Read on here.

The war for talent has been raging for decades, growing the staffing and recruiting market to over $153.5 Billion in 2020. This has spawned a vast array of highly specialized talent acquisition and assessment firms all vying for their slice of the pie. Hiring managers and talent acquisition teams are now challenged with an infinite amount of choices all claiming to be the best and most connected in their specific field.

The Challenges of Placing the Best Candidates Across a Variety of Disciplines

Ultimately, hiring managers and talent acquisition teams are having to manage numerous contractor relationships across different levels and disciplines. Often resulting in siloed recruiting efforts for various departments and forcing companies to work with multiple staffing agencies to account for open positions in areas within their company such as:  

  • Warehouse & Distribution  
  • IT 
  • Accounting 
  • Purchasing
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • Mid-level Managers / Single Contributors Roles 
  • C-Suite Executive Roles 

If you are covering a multi-state or national hiring effort then this disconnected staffing approach gets further multiplied.

Juggling Staffing and Recruiting Efforts with Multiple Vendors

What this has meant for hiring managers and executive search teams is that, in addition to managing in-house TA teams, you now have to manage more than a dozen or more recruiting contractors. That means negotiating and managing separate vendor agreements and teaching dozens of contractors the nuances of your business and culture.

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that is who we spend it on.”

 – Leo Christopher

Partnering With One Executive Staffing Firm that Provides a Full Suite of Recruiting and Assessment Services  

Imagine the efficiency! Partnering with one staffing firm affords you the luxury of spending less time juggling a multitude of contractors while providing you with a trusted search partner that learns your business inside and out. They would get to know the hiring managers across your organization on a personal level. Instead of specializing in a specific industry or service offering, they would specialize in meeting your company’s specific recruiting challenges. They would become intimate with your business, people, and culture thus allowing them to tell your story to top-tier candidates in an accurate, compelling, and genuine way.   

Having a dedicated search partner who provides a suite of recruiting services means one relationship, one message, one voice, one-stop recruiting!

Engaging One Recruiting Firm for Contract, Contingency, and Retained Search

How can one firm be the best in contract, contingency, and retained search? What about their proprietary database which contains the best Sr. Brand Manager resumes in NYC? Let us share a little secret with you…there is no proprietary database anymore.  

Every search firm now uses the same database, from the internet sites like LinkedIn and other social networking platforms have leveled the playing field, giving every recruiter with a laptop and a Boolean search string access to the same candidates. The needs of busy hiring managers and talent acquisition teams have shifted as well. The ever-increasing demands of HR and recruiting are creating intense pressure on your most valuable resource: time.  

Developing a relationship with one recruiting firm with a suite of services and capabilities under one roof frees up valuable time, thus reassuring that you are a priority within the firm and providing you with the appropriate resources assigned to your talent needs.

Partnering with one firm also creates synergies across your business. Not only do you forego having to convey your company mission and culture dozens of times, but this intimate knowledge of your company’s unique story grows with every search or assessment. Your trusted search partner leverages this cumulative experience, becoming more effective with each hiring challenge, regardless of the level or billing structure.

Differentiating Between Retained and Contingent Search Needs

Contingency and retained search are two very different models with different payment terms, each with specific advantages and limitations.  

Both models should be considered and used when the circumstances warrant. What are the options for hiring for contract or temp-to-perm positions? Working with a true search partner that can execute customized solutions across all levels of hiring will create efficiency and allow you to spend more time on your greatest hiring challenges.

The Benefits of Partnering with One Search Firm Go Both Ways

Think about it! A firm that specializes in staffing accounting positions in Atlanta is only getting a tiny slice of your company’s recruiting budget. As a result, they must constantly chase business across hundreds of relationships. By partnering with a smaller number of companies and offering a full suite of services to each they can focus more time on their existing clients and less time acquiring new ones.  

So, when choosing a search firm, consider the synergies of truly partnering with a firm (such as PeopleSuite) that specializes in you rather than one aspect of your recruiting needs.

Contact us to discuss your hiring challenges and learn more about how we can help you streamline your staffing efforts across the board.

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