How Working With a Recruiter Can Give Your Job Search the Boost It Needs

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How do recruiters help candidates find jobs? Their job is to match qualified job seekers with a company in need of their specific skills and experience.

Many candidates have heard of recruiters but aren’t exactly sure what they do – they wonder how  recruiters work and in what way can they help? Recruiters, also often referred to as head hunters, are a great ally to help you find a job. Their primary function is to match qualified job seekers with a company with needs of their specific skills and experience. The job search is a time-consuming task. It involves scouring through job boards, finding leads, perfecting your resume, sending it off and then setting up interview times if you’re lucky to receive a callback. For people who are actively in need of a job, this gets stressful, but even passive candidates may find they don’t have the time to actively seek new opportunities to achieve professional growth. In either scenario, working with a recruiter can help.

In fact, many people find working with a recruiter gives their job search the boost it needs. For starters, recruiters have insider expertise, along with access to a strong network of industry connections to help broaden your job search. Because recruiters have in depth knowledge of the industries they work with, employers trust their recommendations. In essence, your recruiter will work with you from start to finish. Here’s a rundown of how using a job recruiter can help you land that dream job you’ve been seeking.

Recruiters have Insider Expertise 

You don’t know what you don’t know. While you may be an expert in your industry, you might not be as well-versed in identifying employers that would be a great fit for you. Recruiters have a keen understanding of what both applicants and employers are looking for in a position. Based on this expertise, along with taking the time to know the people they’re working with, recruiters are able to aptly provide recommendations. Due to their experience, they can easily discern which matches are the perfect fit. Bottom line, recruiters know the hiring process better than anyone because it’s what they do.

For instance, since recruiters look at resumes all the time, they possess the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work on a resume. Their expertise has taught them to instinctively know what the employers they work with are seeking. They can even help you beyond the resume, including but not limited to:

  • Helping you understand the company’s culture.
  • Providing you tips for interview etiquette with different companies.
  • Sharing their feeling of when is the best time to follow up after the interview.
  • Answering any other questions related to job searches, interviews, or onboarding.

As you talk to and get to know your recruiter, you’ll quickly realize the wealth of knowledge they possess. All of which you can leverage to help you land your dream job. Not to mention, employers appreciate receiving candidates who are well-prepared and understand the positions they are applying to – your recruiter will ensure this is the case every single time.

Recruiters are Driven to Find the Perfect Match

Recruiters are highly driven to find the best match for both candidates as well as employers. During your time together they’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses. Emphasizing your strengths and minimizing weaknesses, they’ll be able to align your resume with the positions you will be the best fit for. Essentially, in the end, they’ll want to identify the right fit for both the employer and the employee to satisfy the employer’s requirements for the position. This means they are not just motivated to place you, but connect you to the right position where both you and the employer are happy.

Since they are hired to place candidates with employers, when you accept an offer, this is when they often get paid. To ensure the right marriage is made, your recruiter will work closely with you. This typically works in your favor during negotiations because the recruiter may often be paid a percentage of your annual salary. 

Employers Trust Recommendations Made By Recruiters

Employers look to recruiters for a reason. They know these expert search professionals can provide them with top talent in their industry, minus the stress of trying to identify the best candidates themselves. Working with recruiters significantly reduces their overhead and allows their human resources departments to focus on other important tasks.

Additionally, HR departments may only hire a few people every month, or even year, depending upon the size of the company. While they know what their company wants, they might not be as in tune to find the right match. Recruiters have the process down to a science and typically know, based on instinct and experience, which candidates would be right for each job. Employers know this, so many of them hand the reins over to a recruiter to manage their candidate searches.

The job seeker benefits from an employer’s trust in a recruiter. Recruiters will generally put an applicant’s resume in front of an employer and, for the most part, employers often accept the recruiter’s recommendations. This trust could mean the difference between landing the job versus hoping you’ll even get a shot at the position (that’s if it’s even listed).

Recruiters Have a Wide Contact Network that Can Help Broaden Your Job Search

If you’re like most candidates before you leap into the job search you have a generalized idea of the type of positions and compensation you have in mind, along with the companies you’d be more inclined to accept an offer from. It’s one thing to know what you want, but it’s a completely different story finding it. This is where connecting with a recruiter can really help boost your search and get you the best results. 

It’s no secret in many industries it’s not what you know but who you know. Knowing the statistics makes this reality more sobering. Research shows about 70% of jobs are not publicly posted? Furthermore, as much as a whopping 80% of jobs are filled strictly through personal and professional connections.

Recruiters have a wide network of contacts which allows them to find positions you’ll never find listed on any job board. In fact, chances are you might never have known they exist. In this respect, working with a recruiter will exponentially widen your search net to catch the best positions. Your recruiter will also have access to job openings before they are listed, so you’d get a jump on the competition and potentially be placed first in the queue to interview if it’s a good fit.

Because your recruiters can provide recommendations for positions, compensation, and companies based on your resume, you have a stronger chance of finding – and getting – a job that will propel your career. A recruiter’s expertise in finding the right match within their own network is a powerful tool.

Recruiters Work With You From Start To Finish

The job search process is daunting for many candidates and creates a lot of stress and worry, especially if you are not currently employed. Recruiters will do everything possible to avoid you finding yourself back to square one in the job search if a position doesn’t work out.

Great recruiters strive to find the best candidates for the employers they work with, so they typically go above and beyond to help to prepare you every step of the way. Most people working with a recruiter find a much faster time to hire window than those that don’t connect with one.

Let PeopleSuite Help You!

As you can see, the benefits of working with a recruiter are numerous. Finding the right job is hard. PeopleSuite is an established talent agency with a reputation for delivering results. Personalization is high on our priority list, and it’s our goal to ensure you are happy and succeed in your new job. We’re passionate about the people we serve. We understand it can be hard finding the right recruiter to work with, and we’ll make certain you’re connected with the right one for you.

Let us help you! We have an expert team of search professionals ready to work alongside you to secure your dream job. To learn more about how to connect with a recruiter and how job recruitment works, contact us today.

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