Creating a great job post is essential to finding the best candidates for your open positions. This is one of the best ways to find the right employees that will fit your culture and help you drive your business towards success. Stand apart from the competition and motivate the right candidates to apply with these easy tips.

Job Title

Use real-life keywords like “Sales Executive,” “Human Resources Director,” or “Database Programmer” to help place your job opening in front of more job seekers. Avoid internal titles that don’t accurately describe the job so that job seekers don’t misunderstand titles with abbreviations or acronyms. Additionally, include specific keywords that can be easily picked up by search engines and queries.

Role Details

When writing your job descriptions, describe how the role ties into your company culture and mission. This will help you attract candidates who will do well in your workplace. For example, explain why the role is important to the business and the community.

Great candidates don’t shy away from challenges. Think about mentioning challenging projects that candidates will work on during their time at the company. Not everyone is wooed by compensation alone! Nearly 60% of recent job switchers said that they accepted their new job because it offered a stronger career path. In your job description, highlight how the new hire will grow, learn and make an impact.

Attract Qualified Candidates

Skills, education, and experience are often optional fields in a job description, but they are essential to identifying qualified applicants.

First, determine the responsibilities and skills needed to successfully get the job done. Avoid a laundry list of qualifications (recommended 5-10) and balance your list with hard and soft skills. Then, think about the industry background and experience needed. Identify what’s mandatory and “nice to have” before putting it to paper.

How to Apply

Don’t leave candidates guessing what to do next! Include a button or link to your Careers Page or email contact. Ideally, you’ll want this process to be as simple and streamlined as possible. The benefits include a streamlined candidate experience, together candidate tracking and better ROI measurement. Upon application submission, point candidates to a formal Thank You page and/or send a confirmation email.

Post & Share

Once you’ve written your job description, post it on LinkedIn or other employment-oriented services and spread the word! Also, jobs shared by employees get 30% more applications, so ask your colleagues to share the job post with their peers and social networks. Pro tip: For the best results, keep your post up for at least 30 days.

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