Profile: Large $1B  specialty retail company

Role: VP of Marketing

Challenge: The client sought a well-rounded VP of Marketing–someone who could operate at both a strategic, management level as well as tactical, detail-oriented level–to replace the 20+ year retiring incumbent. Salary offered was well below industry standard. And the time window was tight. To ensure effective knowledge transfer, they needed the right person in three months.

Strategy: We engaged the hiring manager immediately, ensuring their commitment to the process and established a weekly update to efficiently calibrate on candidates. We then networked with industry executives, identified best-in-class companies and found local candidates to keep the relocation costs low and the interview process fast.

Result: PeopleSuite identified two great candidates, one of which was interviewed and offered the job within 4 weeks. After they declined due to a lucrative counteroffer, the 2nd candidate was identified, offered, and accepted 3 weeks later. The hiring manager was extremely pleased with the process, the quality of candidates, and the sense or urgency by PeopleSuite.  Two months into the role, the client CEO said the VP of Marketing is “outstanding”.

Time to Fill: 10 weeks

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