PeopleSuite recruiters are the experts in today’s hiring marketplace. They know what is happening in the field and the key attributes employers are looking for in their next hire. Their unique perspective can benefit candidates when they are searching for their next professional opportunity.

Below are questions our recruiters have been asked and their answers. Have a question you want to see featured? Send to and our recruiters will be glad offer their insight.

Want to get responses to your resume submissions?
Submitting your application online and waiting to hear back may not yield the results as quickly as you would like during your job search. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or email the recruiter posting the job. Recruiters will let you know whether your skills match the role and offer guidance if they don’t.

Be proactive, network, pick up the phone and market yourself. Leverage the technology but be careful not to rely on it. Engage with your audience and you will achieve better results.
~ Recruiter Marc Garofalo

Should I take a contractor role while I am looking for full-time employment?
Contract roles have both positives and negatives. Too many contract positions on your resume and it might appear that you do not like to put down roots and grow with an organization.

Large employment gaps can be red flags as well. But this is NOT a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. Remaining employed, even on a contract basis, will keep your skills sharp and current. A contract role can also lead to full-time employment if you play your cards right.  Show up on time, be diligent and timely with your work and your contract role can turn into a permanent one.

Being a contractor has its difficulties as well. You may find yourself excluded from company events (and this is usually by design due to co-employment laws) or being forced to remarket yourself to recruiters as your contract comes to a close.
At the end of the day, it comes down to how you want to manage your career.  There are times in any candidate’s career when being a contractor is more than ideal and other times when full-time employment is the only option.  But the old adage is true: “It is much easier to find a job when you already have one!”
~ Managing Director Anne Drury

How much do I have to know about the company I will be interviewing with?
The more you know, the better before going into an interview. A recruiter’s primary function is to make sure you are as prepared as possible. This can mean providing background info on the company such as culture and vision, marketplace statistics and the names and titles of who you will be meeting.

I once had a candidate ask me tons of questions before the initial interview. He thought it might appear intrusive. I found it refreshing that someone was going above and beyond to be fully prepared and utilizing all sources to find out company info.

The company will recognize your efforts to arrive at the interview prepared. Recruiters have no way of knowing if you are unsure of something unless you tell us.
~ Dylan Cochran, Senior Recruiter / Pack Lead


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